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Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 I’m co-organizing an “adult Pinewood Derby” for the Portland Advertising Federation with a few friends. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 For those of you who weren’t in the cub scouts, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 it’s a chance for boys (and usually their fathers) to take a simple block of wood, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 and turn it into a car that gets raced against other boys’ cars on a sloped track. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00

Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 This version is called the “Stumptown 40, cialis 60mg pills $264.00” a reference to the length of the track (40 feet) and one of Portland’s many nicknames (Rose City, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 PDX and Beervana being among the most common). Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 I haven’t started working on my car yet, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 but I did get a chance to make some of the trophies last week. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 First, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 second and third prizes are being given in the “speed” category, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 and attendees will vote for the “most creative car” award at the event, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 for a total of four trophies.

Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 Stumptown 40 Trophies

Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 My friend Drew gave me a box of old wooden type before he moved to Brooklyn; given the wood cues in the event itself (Stumptown, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 Pinewood), cialis 60mg pills $264.00 and the audience of professional communicators, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 using the antique printing relics seemed a good choice.

Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 Stumptown 40 Type Detail

Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 For the “Creative Car” trophy, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 I tried to do something a little different. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 I used a short piece of some massive, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 old-growth Douglas Fir I had laying around for the body. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 The wheels (used on the other trophies as well) are actually the scraps left over from using a hole saw (the holes from the Labyrinth project, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 in fact) that I stained with vinegar/steel wool aging mixture, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 and screwed onto the body with rusty screws. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 The type atop the sculpture rests on an old wooden spool. Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 Thin strips of recycled Doug Fir provide a resting surface for the letters, cialis 60mg pills $264.00 which are held together with glue and a little bit of hope.

Cialis 60mg pills $264.00 Detail of Creative Car trophy.

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